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 Harry Potter huhu by Tomoyo-Daisuki  Harry Potter huhu by Tomoyo-Daisuki
The way how I see Harry Potter.
(Oh god, I forget his glasses .... huhh)
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Kokou Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2006  Student
wwwwhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa his is hott... i think i am in love
i'd play quidditch with him
Misoura Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2005
I think that's the sexiest (or most mature?) version of Harry that I've ever seen XD Good job!
Nakuru-Nebelung Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2005
Looks so varonile :D !!! Much prettier than on the book and films!
DimaRuh Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2005
I had some problems with jaw problems last time. You know, one side different than the other. For his face, since you can see his right ear, his left jaw should be barely visible. At first glance i thought he was at front profile until i saw his ears. The line lips on his right made the face look crooked, it gave me the impression that the jaw was crooked when it was actually the lips. The shadow and highlights are pretty good as well as the colors :D
Tomoyo-Daisuki Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2004
huhu thankyoooo everybody^^

TeamSmithy : lol that’s thrue , but I think that Daniel Radcliffe is pretty good to play Harry Potter. In fact, I can’t imagin somebody else playing him … Harry won’t be Harry anymore without Dan Radcliffe ( hu I think u understand me lol )

Usakura : Yep, I wanted to draw him older ‘cause huh … ‘cause I’m a perverted-girl-who-likes-big-boys- ? huh donot know lol
Ah yes! He got contact lenses! He have to got them ‘cause Voldemort was to afraid to fight the boy-who-lived when he saw himself in Harry’s glasses reflexion .. huh Poor little Voldie

Littlekleine : yesssss u’re all right !!
And I think I will draw Draco with Harry’s expressions on his face, it can be fun . Or just imagin Albus Dumbeldore with Severus Snape’S eXpreSSionS ( wooow * run away*)

TheABones : lol That’s right, he is supposed to be older than 13, or I suppose that at 13 year old, Harry is already a playboy? Huh why not
Huhuhuuu Harry’s froggy eye … hem =)
TheABones Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
my my, that's quite a chisled jaw for 13 year old. As far as technique goes i'd say this is pretty spot on. everything looks really nice. i'd like to critique more, but i keep getting lost in his eyes...
littlekleine Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2004
Wow, he turned out pretty good in your style. Love the lineart and the way you did the hair. Such fine colouring and shading. Love the sort of almost arrogant smile..its more suited for Draco though, but its a different twist to this character. He looks much older here though so I'm thinking this is how you view Harry when he's way 19 or something^^ I like the firery bg, really brings out the everconsuming burden of being the one to always be hunted by Voldemort.
usakura Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2004
He looks.. old O.o
But i like the colouring... especially the light.
(And maybe he got contact lenses? ;) )
TeamSmithy Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2004
Woo first comment, really nice linework and the colourings unbelievably good..

If this is how you see harry potter you must have been really disapointed when they cast Danial Radcliffe
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August 23, 2004
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